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Allure Bridals produced their first gown in 1998, under the then unadvertised collection, Exclusive Bridals.  From there, the Allure Bridals line was introduced and quickly gained a reputation for beautifully beaded and well-constructed gowns.  

At Allure, the design process begins at the foundation.  Any designer can drape white fabric and call it a wedding dress, but if your gown isn’t properly constructed, your walk down the aisle will be long and uncomfortable.  In 2003, Allure introduced the Allure Construction. This patented built-in corset provides the signature fit and structure you can only find with Allure.  With a perfectly constructed gown made with luxurious fabrics in a modern silhouette, every Allure bride walks down the aisle in confident style.

Allure’s focus on a perfect fit is well matched by their focus on stunning detail. Working with beautiful fabrics, stunning sheers, intriguing backs, and elegant beading, any bride could find a style they love.

A reputation for beautifully beaded and well-constructed gowns.